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Yesterday, I spent some time reworking a song I’d recently recorded. Only to find I actually prefer the original version. So was that a waste of time?

The Luxury and Burden of Choice

Sometimes, you need to consider an alternative in order to appreciate the value of a piece of creative work. As previously discussed, any artistic pursuit is  largely a process of whittling down possibilities. So, how do we know when we’ve chosen the right ones?

In short, we don’t. As we’ve also explored, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. We, therefore, simultaneously have both the luxury and burden of choice. And, for our pupils, this provides an excellent learning opportunity.

Joys of Childhood

Being able to try things out with no risk or consequence is one of the joys of childhood. And perhaps one we could afford greater value. If children are encouraged to embrace that freedom, they may find it easier to make boId choices later in life.

But that’s not to say we are leading them to be reckless. And this is where our experimentation with alternatives comes in. Learning to make creative assessment through comparison is a useful life skill. One that can be applied to a great many situations.

Different Hats

If children are taught to see decision making as a playful, creative pursuit, then it need not become a chore when required under more pressing circumstances. And they may choose to apply the A-B testing technique explored whilst practicing creative arts.

Whilst ‘going wrong’ may seen frustrating at the time, it is therefore an integral and useful part of the process. Plus it can shine a light on what is good about a version we now realize we prefer. It’s the artistic equivalent of trying on different hats. Often, we only know which one we prefer once we’ve discovered those we don’t like so much.

Explore The Alternatives

In the world of audio recording, it’s common practise to capture multiple takes’. It’s also remarkable how often the first take turns out to be the one we prefer. But we can’t know this until we’ve explored the alternatives.

So go ahead. Try and try again. Take one… take two… take three… Enjoy the process and appreciate the difference.

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