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Dance Notes licence-holder help

Here are some guidelines to help you use and make the most of your Licence with Dance Notes. If there’s anything you can’t find, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help…

Logging In

Stream a Lesson

Download a Lesson

Downloading Music

Supporting Docs

Music CDs

Bonus Materials

Updating Your Account

Logging In

In the top menu of the Dance Notes site, you will see ‘Log-In’ (on mobile devices, it may be within a drop-down list). Click on this and enter your username – or registered email address – and password.

Dance Notes licence-holder login

The username is displayed on your Licence Certificate and a reminder can be requested by email. If you have forgotten your password, scroll down to below the log-in and click on the ‘Lost Your Password?‘ link. You will then be directed to a page where you can reset it.

Once logged in, find a lesson of your choice, via ‘Lessons’ in the top menu. Alternatively, if you have come to the Log-In via a specific lesson’s page, click on the ‘<< Back‘ link. This will take you to the page from which you navigated (you may sometimes need to click twice).

Stream a Lesson

If you have navigated to a lesson page before logging in, you will see the message ‘Licence Holders, please Log-In to stream or download’ beneath the imageOnce logged in, this message is replaced with three links in bold type.

Dance Notes licence-holder lesson page example

The first link is to ‘Stream‘ the lesson. This simply opens the plan in your browser. You can then scroll and page through as you would any other pdf document. An added bonus is that all the music tracks are linked directly from within the scheme. So, you can simply click on a track name to play it when required.

Download a Lesson

The ‘Download‘ link will deliver the main lesson document and a ‘README’ text document in the form of a zip file. Once downloaded, you will need to extract the files. How you do this will depend on your device but apps are readily available online should you not already have one installed.

Most devices will automatically put this file into a dedicated ‘Downloads’ folder. It is strongly recommended you store your Dance Notes files in a separate location for easy location and future retrieval.

Dance Notes licence-holder example lesson text

As with the streamed lesson, the music tracks are listed as links. So, provided you are connected to the internet, you can stream music directly from within your local copy of a plan. You may then connect to a speaker system in your dance space and trigger each track as it is needed.

Please note, whereas the Supporting Documents folder was previously included with each individual lesson, this is now a separate download. We’ll come to that shortly.

Downloading Music

For many teachers, having saved copies of the tracks will be preferable. This will give more flexibility as to how you then choose to play them. You may, for example, want to have the music on your phone and connect this to the sound system within your dance space.

Dance Notes licence-holder music download

Simply click on the ‘Music’ link on the lesson page. This will download a zip file to your device’s default storage (normally a folder called ‘downloads’). Again, this is in zip format and you will need an appropriate app to retrieve the files.

Once again, it is strongly advised you move the downloaded folder to a dedicated location for your Dance Notes plans. That way, you (and other staff – if you have a school licence) can easily retrieve them in future. As a licence holder, you also have the ability to download another copy, should you need to.

Supporting Docs

As previously mentioned, supporting documents were originally contained within each lesson download. However, since they are the same for every plan, they are now contained within a separate folder. These are also available to view individually online.

Dance Notes licence-holder Supporting Docs link

From the ‘Lessons’ menu, open the drop-down list and then the sub-menu next to ‘Bonus Materials’ (this may look a little different according to your device and browser). Click ‘Supporting Documents’ and you will then see these listed in a similar format to the main lessons.

Click on the ‘Stream‘ link to view individual documents online or ‘Download‘ to get the whole collection delivered to your device. Again, be sure to save these to a safe and easy-to-find location for future retrieval.

Music CDs

Holders of a Full School or Partnership licence may request CDs on a termly basis at no extra cost (subject to reasonable limits).

Dance Notes licence-holder CD example

To give us enough time to prepare and distribute your CDs, please let us know during the term before they are needed. If you prefer to provide a list of what you require for the whole year, we can diarise what you have requested for each term and send them accordingly.

Bonus Materials

As we have seen above, the Supporting Docs are part of a selection of Bonus Materials for licence holders. These comprise documents to help with assessment, attainment targets and recording, dance interpretation, etc. In addition, you will find links in the Bonus Materials sub-menu for ‘Kwik KS1’ and ‘Kwik KS2’.

These are legacy lessons from an earlier incarnation of Dance Notes but we thought you may find them useful for present-day work with your pupils. Each is a single-unit, as opposed to the 6-week schedules presented in the full plans. As such, you may want to use them for one-off dance sessions or combined to create your own dance activity over a term.

Updating Your Account

It is important that you let us know of any changes to your account, especially your contact information. Inevitably, staff will change, email addresses will be updated and your school may even change its name.

Ideally, contact us by email to let us know of any changes that may occur. That way, we can be sure to keep you informed of new materials and remind you when your subscription is due. Your details will never be shared and are only used for these purposes.

You can check what details we have on record by clicking on ‘Account’ in the Log-in drop-down menu. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Then you will see a page titled ‘Your Licence Details’.

Here, you will find four headings: ‘Subscriptions’, ‘Edit Profile’, Payments & Invoices’ and ‘Logout’. Click on a heading to view the relevant information. If you do update any information via this page or want us to change anything, please also contact us by email to let us know.

Anything Missing?

Remember, Dance Notes is designed to be a flexible and responsive resource. If you find there is a topic you need that’s not already within the lessons library, please let us know. Provided it is of interest to a sufficient number of schools, we will create a plan to order and add that to the collection.

Please be aware that this doesn’t happen overnight. A lot of work goes into planning, creating and formatting each plan. And then the associated web page and download files need to be constructed. So, ideally, we would like to be asked for a new plan during the term before it is needed.

Need More Help?

The Dance Notes schemes aim to be usable by all staff, whether experienced in leading dance or not. We have striven to make them as self-explanatory and simple to follow as possible. Hopefully, the supporting documents will provide what you need beyond the lesson content itself.

However, we appreciate you may still have questions that need answering. So, your licence provides full email support. And, where necessary, one of our lesson developers can give you a call back to discuss matters in more detail.

Don’t Have a Licence?

Well, now you know what you’ve been missing! To set up your licence and get access to all the resources immediately, go now to the Licence Registration page and fill in the details. Once completed, you will be able to get started right away.

Subscription with recurring payments provides even better value for your budget. Though payment is made via PayPal (for your security), you do not need to set up an account in order to benefit from recurring card payments.

If, however, like most schools, you need to be invoiced, that’s absolutely fine. Select this option during registration and you will still have immediate access to everything. Any difficulty at all, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

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