Child-Centred Learning

What is Child-Centred Learning?

Child-centred learning is key to the Dance Notes method. In particular:

  • Individual physical exploration allows children to gain body awareness & self-expression.
  • Then, teaming up with partners engenders trust, openness & communication.
  • Working with larger groups subsequently instills leadership, cooperation & collaboration.
  • And evaluating one another’s work invites critical thinking, mutual support & problem solving.

How is this Taught?

Children maintain ownership of their work throughout, thus generating their own ideas and finding ways to develop them. The teacher’s role, therefore, is simply to guide pupils within the framework as set-out in the Dance Notes schemes.

So, for teachers who fear that dance is a foreign language to them, there is no need to worry. Once you have the necessary resources, this is just like teaching any other subject.

All you need do is motivate, guide and inspire your class: which is, of course, what you do best.

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