Full School Licence

Provide your whole school with access to all the Dance Notes resources. These can then be easily downloaded or streamed whenever they are needed.



A single annual payment covers the entire  staff, allowing them access to the resources via a simple log-in. They are then free to enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads throughout the year.

You may request lessons CDs on a termly basis, where these are required. Your licence also gives unlimited access to the Madmusik library, so that music tracks may be used independently of the lessons in any capacity within your school.

Please click below and complete info as directed

Subscription: £180 per year with online payment, billed annually.

Once your  details have been processed, you will be sent your log-in information.

This is not an automated process: where applications are made at weekends or outside of working hours, you should receive confirmation the next working day. During periods of high demand or during holidays, this may take a little longer but please get in touch if you need to gain access to materials urgently.

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Should you have any questions, please get in touch. Thank you.



Full Licence

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