Dance Notes Licence Options

A Licence Option to Suit Your Needs

Choose a Licencing option to best suit your needs; whether for a whole school, a single teacher or as a student starting out in education.

Each plan includes unlimited streaming of all the teaching resources and similarly allows unrestricted usage of all music throughout your educational activities. The school plan also offers lesson  CDs by request.

Full  School Licence

Enjoy unlimited downloads of all lessons and music for use throughout your school, as well as exclusive bonus materials and lesson CDs by request should you need them

Monthly Online

Like the Full Licence, this gives unlimited downloads of all lessons and music, though with payments spread out using a monthly subscription

Student Online

Similarly, student-teachers and those in education may gain unlimited access to lesson and music downloads but at a reduced monthly rate.

Partnerships Discount

If your schools is part of a partnership, you may wish to take advantage of our partnerships discount. Click the link above for full details.


Materials are constantly reviewed, refined and added in order to keep up with the shifting demands of the primary curriculum. So this is a resource that will gain in value the longer your subscription runs.

To set up your licence, click through to the relevant Licence page and follow the instructions. Once your application has been received, your details will be registered and log-in instructions delivered.

This is not an automated process: so where applications are made at weekends or outside of working hours, you should receive confirmation the next working day. During periods of high demand or during holidays, this may take a little longer but please get in touch if you need to gain access to materials urgently.



Full Licence

Monthly Online

Student Online