The Dance Notes Licence

A Dance Notes Licence Option to Suit Your Needs

There’s a Dance Notes Licence option to suit you, whatever your situation. Whether a whole school, a single teacher, a student teacher or a partnership, you’ll find what you need right here.

Each plan includes unlimited streaming and downloads of all the teaching resources throughout your educational activities. The full school plan also offers lesson CDs by request.

Full  School Licence

Enjoy unlimited downloads of all lessons and music for use throughout your school, as well as exclusive bonus materials and lesson CDs by request should you need them:

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Individual Licence

Like the full Dance Notes licence but aimed at individual teachers or freelancers, this gives unlimited downloads of all lessons & music. Payments are conveniently spread over a monthly subscription:

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Student Licence

If you are a student teacher or studying to become a dance educator, you can enjoy a monthly Dance Notes licence subscription at a specially reduced rate.

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Partnership Discounts

If your school is part of a consortium or academy, you may wish to take advantage of our partnership discounts:

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Your Licence Subscription

Materials are constantly reviewed, refined and added in order to keep up with the shifting demands of the primary curriculum. So this is a resource that gains in value the longer your subscription runs.

To set up your licence, click the link above and follow the instructions. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to log-in and gain instant access to all the materials.

Note that automatic renewals are made via PayPal but this does not require an account: you will have the option to subscribe by debit or credit card at checkout.

Dance Notes has given me the confidence to deliver Dance.

April 27, 2021

Dance Notes has given me the confidence to deliver Dance, something I have always struggled with or avoided. There are plenty of topics and themes to choose from and it is easy to use. Because there are no ‘rights and wrong’s about what children’s responses are, children were confident to join in and do what they felt and wanted rather than think ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I can’t dance’. Some boys who can sometimes be disruptive were totally engaged in Rough and Tumble. Also, because children can choose their own movements, there were less ‘rules’. Children were back from school after lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed moving and expressing themselves to music. Because the music is there ready and the plans are written for you, there is no scrabbling around finding suitable music. I would previously avoid teaching dance as I didn’t have plans or music.


Clear and easy to follow for any member of staff

February 4, 2022

The lessons are clear and easy to follow for any member of staff and the bonus is having the music provided with the lessons so teachers don’t need to spend hours searching for music. The lessons are detailed and planned out so no need to do much before the lessons. The lessons encourage collaboration whether it be paired work, small group work and whole class performance. The themes are able to be linked to topics in school which gives more of a purpose to the lessons. Well being is promoted by keeping children active. Gives pupils ideas on composing dances, movement sequences and choreography ideas.


Easy to follow and adapt if teachers wish

February 3, 2022

Well resourced. Lessons easy to follow and adapt if teachers wish. Significantly reduces teacher workload. Boys and girls work well together as there are ‘boy’ themes they engage with. Boys more willing to join in.


Easy to follow lesson plans. Great ideas. Super music choices

February 19, 2021

Easy to follow lesson plans. Great ideas. Super music choices. Covers all aspects of dance and pupils are always engaged.


Very cost effective set of planning complete with suitable music and excellent, expert content.

February 19, 2021

Very cost effective set of planning complete with suitable music and excellent, expert content. Children can more readily describe their understanding using technical vocabulary. Plenty of group choreography opportunities and peer assessment moments. Where children previously couldn’t use dance related vocabulary to describe their performance and learning, they can now readily do that! Better in-lesson behaviour for learning.



Full Licence

Individual Licence

Student Licence



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