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Downloadable, themed, 6-week schemes for KS 1 & 2 Dance. Our simple system for sourcing lessons will have you teaching dance in no time, with minimal preparation.

The full range of curriculum-linked plans is packed with fun, energy and soft learning that goes way beyond dance.

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Your key stage I & 2 dance lessons are planned and waiting. Simply find a theme, download the files and you’re ready to start! You’ll progress smoothly through a curated, six-week learning pathway with everything you need immediately to hand.

Each scheme is packed with inspirational music, pupil assessment charts and teaching guidance. And all the movement ideas are generated by your pupils. So, all you need do is…

our top picks…

KS 1 & 2 Dance - Dance Notes 

The Stone Age (KS2)

Roam the landscape as Stone Age hunter-gatherers. Become hunted by terrifying predators. Then develop civilization by making discoveries such as the wheel and the usefulness of fire…

Dance Notes 

Outer Space (KS2)

What do we know about outer space? If we created a planet, what would it be like? How do aliens move? Pupils collaborate to physically explore these and other ideas…

Dance Notes 

The Rainforest (KS2)

Work in pairs & groups to experience the world of animals and trees in the tropical rainforest. But what is happening to this habitat? Why are the trees being felled? And why do we need them?…

Dance Notes 

Superheroes (KS1)

What would it be like to be superheroes with superpowers? Together with your superhero pals, find and defeat the bad guys and free their captors in this action-packed dance…

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

With a Dance Notes licence, you can have instant, unlimited access to the entire Dance Notes collection – either as an individual teacher or for your whole staff!

A simple login allows you to stream or download over 60 themed teaching plans. Each comes complete with music, teaching guidelines and assessment charts. Plus you’ll get to choose from over 30 additional single-unit bonus schemes.

Streaming & downloading are smooth and painless with our bespoke Dance Notes web player (only available to subscribers). And you can call or email for support any time you need a little extra help.

CDs are available by request at no extra cost. And we’ll even write lessons to order, should you need something that’s not yet covered.

Subscription is on an annual or monthly basis, with generous discounts for regular online payment…

“As a composer and musician, I know the power of music to inspire and energize.

With Dance Notes, we want to move beyond assumptions of how children’s music should sound and schools’ dance should look. And, in so doing, we aim to empower all teachers to discover movement as a powerful learning tool.

KS 1 & 2 Dance - Dance Notes 

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KS 1 & 2 Dance - Dance Notes 

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